Turkey, stuffing and… wiki?

Wait – are you located in the United States and contributing to WikiAnswers instead of eating a big meal consisting of poultry, watching football and hanging/fighting with family?

Wow. And here I thought I knew all the symptoms of being a Wikiholic… Must have missed one in the giant list that was compiled and posted in a new section of the site called: Wikiholics Anonymous.

It’s ok – this is a safe place. Just sit back, let go of the keyboard, and take this simple test to know if you’re a true Wikiholic.

  • Your friends and family try reaching you on your message board, rather than your cell phone.
  • You can offer way too much insight into a 16-year-old’s love life.
  • You give your kids trust points for good behavior.
  • You know Miley Cyrus’s favorite color, the cutest Jonas brother and Barack Obama’s middle name off the top of your head.
  • You’ve thought about improving people’s answers while having a conversation.
  • Little orange men have started to dance around in your dreams.
  • Your spouse claims to be a WikiWidow.

Check out the complete list. Are you showing signs of being a Wikiholic? There’s strength in numbers. Join the support group!

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