What are some proper adjectives for Thanksgiving?

Gobble gobble! This week’s WikiAnswers Wednesday is Thanksgiving-themed, and I think you can guess why. Instead of exploring the origins of the holiday, I’d like to go a different angle: describing this wonderful day of wonderful food.

What are some proper adjectives for Thanksgiving?


Now, the answer given on WikiAnswers is logical and… well, less-than-fun. I came up with my own list of ‘proper adjectives’ to describe the American holiday:

  • Awesome.
  • Tasty.
  • Feasty.
  • Kinda cruel (to large poultry).
  • Kinda cruel (to vegetarians).
  • Kinda cruel (to potato-kind though I don’t think potatoes feel anything so it’s ok).
  • Pious (if you consider piety to be satiating).
  • Family fun (if by fun I mean all of us together in the house again, repeating scenes from childhood).
  • Again, awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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