Newsflash: homepage updated.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, as of today the elements that used to make up the Today’s Highlights on the old homepage design are back up on the new homepage design. That includes the Spotlight, Quote, Today in History, and Today’s Birthdays.

It also means there are more images on the page, which was a complaint by a few commenters to this blog. Personally, I think the organization of this page is much cleaner, but the team is working on ways to ever-improve the homepage.

Check it out.

8 thoughts on “Newsflash: homepage updated.”

  1. I visit your page daily and like particularly the column Today in History. On the new website I miss the Word of the Day and the Spelling Bee. These blogs unanswered questions and answered questions mean nothing to me.


  2. I love your seccion “Today’s Highlight” and I visit your site everyday, but I definely agree that the previous layout of your site was great. I think the just neede a few rollovers, and other small change I believe this new design went a little to far…



  3. Still with the RIDICULOUS nostupidanswers blog on the front page and People magazine-style colour photos of music stars ??? There’s no end to the depth of dumbing down people who think they’re “cool” will inflict on us.


  4. I am a little relieved that the earlier sections have been brought back, especially Today In History. I found it hard to believe that anyone would go on and ruin a good thing in the name of ‘revamping’ a website. Still, all’s well that ends well. 🙂


  5. “Just in case we haven’t noticed”?? What are we, idiots??We noticed you wrecked a wonderful site, and only tried to fix it because of popular outcry!
    That colour photo of Miley Cyrus the other day was a point in case. What did you think you had become, People Magazine?? Why is your new box like a giant box? We liked it when it said:”Tell me about…” and it was big enough. As for your question top left on this page, yes it is a stupid question and there obviously are plentu of stupid people who won’t leave well enough alone .. No prizes for guessing who they are, though kudos for a smidgen of self-knowledge are available. And we liked the old print better!! Now it looks like any other website.


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