Homepage feedbackers have been heard!

Earlier this week Answers.com unveiled a new look for the homepage. It was reported here on no.stupid.answers and got a ton of feedback from loyal Today’s Highlights readers who were not exactly enthusiastic about the changes. Fortunately, the folks at Answers.com read this blog and were wowed by the comments of that entry. They’re now planning to reinstate beloved elements of Today’s Highlights from the previous homepage design (including Today’s Birthdays and Today in History). Might even see some kind of change as early as next week.

Meanwhile, there are a few ways to access Today’s Highlights on and off of Answers.com if you just need to get your fix until the homepage feature is restored:

  • See the whole deal, daily and directly, at http://today.answers.com. You can even make that your browser homepage; instructions are available at the top of the Today’s Highlights.
  • Sign up to receive Today’s Highlights by email.
  • The Answers.com Widget Gallery offers about a dozen ways to access Today’s Highlights and other Answers.com feeds. These include Word of the Day, Wine Word of the Day, Food Word of the Day, Quote of the Day, Today’s Birthdays and Today in History. You can also get lists of WikiAnswers Q&A’s of all different categories. Get them delivered straight to you through services like iGoogle, My Yahoo!, Netvibes, Vista, Apple dashboard and Facebook.
  • Get the RSS feed URL of your favorite Today’s Highlights feeds; you can check them all out here.

Hold tight, Today’s Highlights fans! And thanks for all the feedback. Comment, and they will come (fix it).

12 thoughts on “Homepage feedbackers have been heard!”

  1. Thanks for listening to some of the requests. Is there a way to put back the old look in full, without any changes? We all liked them. Please share the reasons for the change, so that we can at least logically understand whether it makes sense or not.


  2. Great that some people were listened to. That’s a good sign of a great site!

    How about making the layout easier on the eyes as it was before? I’m now getting used to using wikipedia – I have to, unfortunately – the huge and overlapping stuff at the top of answers.com is pretty ridiculous (I still don’t get why you felt the need to change that – would it be possible to enable users to change the layout settings?)

    I still forget and alt-click, only to find Answers still unusable. ::sigh::


  3. Font is too tiny and I have trouble reading. Funny is that the question space is huge. Everything else in the page is hard for me to follow. Everything is way off. I’m totally lost. For a long time I depended on answers.com for quick answers to word meanings and now… argh awful awful. My eyes are tired.
    I’m seeing so many good websites get destroyed. I suspect new graduates taking over and try their hand on designing. Please don’t!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all!


  4. I don”t know what the worst thing about this new design is, they’re all BAD but to list the one that springs to mind: it’s HORRIBLY MESSY!! Busy with colour, distractring, full of unwanted info. The former front page was a Schubert trio, this is circus music. Here come the clowns, the tigers and the horses all at once.Aaaaaarrrrrgh!!


  5. Stop messing with the format for the sake of some programmers ego trip. Return to the old format while you still have some readers left. (And fire the looney tune who came up with the crappy new format.)


  6. We want the old format back!!! The graphics were perfect, the layout was perfect, there were no stupid widgets or distracting colour effects. Just logging on to the home page made all the daily info jump into your field of vision so you could take it in effortlessly, it also had the past events as reminder. IT WAS PERFECT. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO FIDDLE WITH IT!!! IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT! I loathe all that tacky blue and green etc!!!


  7. HEy, if you can correlate today’s highlights with the actual date, then the new website might be tolerable. But it ain’t; it jumps ahead one day. If I wanted to know tomorrow, I get a magic 8 ball!!! FIX IT


  8. Great to see the Answers team responding to the loyal users.

    Now just integrate more of the little cartoon men into the website and you will have it all.


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