Nothing wrong with a little boasting.

Don’t you just love waking up to compliments every morning… What’s that? You wouldn’t know? That’s ok. WikiAnswers knows. Like the fact that folks have had the following to say about it in the past few days:

  • “Nicely done! WikiAnswers IS the #1 online community!” and other comments given for the Wikiholics video on YouTube.
  • Being featured and rated on, the web 2.0 directory (go ahead and rate it too).
  • Marketing with WikiAnswers: “What to do: Create profiles, ask and answer questions, gain reputation and authority, grow your brand megaphone…” – Search Engine Roundtable
  • “Ask Questions & Answers in wiki way with ‘Wiki Answers’” – Web Trickz
  • “A good all around answer site for many topics…” – top websites

And it’s also nice to see that made the top 200 sites that give you power (because knowledge is power) on Open Jason.

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