Answers Corp reports on Q3.

Believe it or not, there are folks out there who love numbers and stats and acronyms and that kind of thing. So I thought it might be nice to share the Answers Corporation reports for Q3 which was released last week.

And news was good! As summed up by CEO Bob Rosenschein,

“We are pleased to report a solid quarter that exceeded our guidance. The company is reporting record revenues, up 19% sequentially to $3.56 million and surpassing the top end of our guidance by $660 thousand. We turned a significant corner by achieving positive adjusted EBITDA of $520 thousand, a quarter ahead of forecast, and we are forecasting at least $1 million positive adjusted EBITDA in Q4. We believe the steps we took to reduce operating expenses this summer, as well as the traffic growth we are experiencing puts us in a good position to weather the current challenging global economic environment.” (see the press release)

That’s a lot of jargon, but like I said, there are folks out there who like that kind of thing. And you know what? It’s good news so even if some of us are not huge fans of numbers and stats (ahem) it’s something we can all smile about… Before we go back to asking, answering and editing on WikiAnswers.

Your comments are welcome!

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