Auto-cat: That’s not some kind of robotic kitty.

And you thought we were done sharing new WikiAnswers site features for the week! You think brand new Community Forums and search with snippets are enough? And you call yourself a Wikiholic…

Another new feature went live on WikiAnswers this week, and this one may just blow your mind. Mine is still splattered all over the living room.

Now, let’s say you ask a new question, like, Once Halloween is over do Americans begin preparing for Thanksgiving? (you can see where my mind is now). On the screen where you are supposed to categorize it, you will see Suggested Categories offered below the search bar. You may get up to three suggestions, and they may be right or wrong, but that’s for you to decide. If you’re satisfied, click Save, and if not, you can choose to categorize elsewhere.

Auto cat(etgorization). Prrrr.

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