The How-To AnswerThon, happening this weekend!

The WikiAnswers folks are pleased to present an old concept with a new twist: the How-To AnswerThon. It’s not just about answering or editing, it’s about answering How-To questions on WikiAnswers.

Know how to tune a guitar? Know how to bake a pecan pie? Know how to adjust the settings on an iPhone?

Now’s your chance to share your knowledge while winning prizes. The AnswerThon is taking place this weekend, November 8-9, starting at midnight late Friday-early Saturday and ending at midnight late Sunday-early Monday. So as soon as you’ve finished voting in the U.S. presidential election – and answering elections questions, of course – get your list of questions ready and start preparing for this weekend!

Tip: Prepare a list of How-To Q&As in advance that you can quickly enter into WikiAnswers during the eligible AnswerThon period. That’s called seeding questions, and that way you don’t have to go searching and wasting precious time during the AnswerThon.

Tip: You can click here for a list of eligible questions.

Tip: You can limit your search to how-to questions on specific topics using the advanced search feature and selecting the “How-To” category.

Only new answers to questions starting with “How to,” “How do I” or “How do you” will count toward your total. Be sure to read the complete set of rules to fully understand what counts and what doesn’t.

The participants who answer the most such questions walk away with prizes and badges. Did I mention the first prize is a $200 gift certificate to

How-To AnswerThon: learn more!

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