What should you know about child safety on Halloween?


It’s WikiAnswers Wednesday, and we’re coming dangerously close to Halloween these days. There are probably all kinds of questions going through your mind, like:

But there’s one question you may not have considered yet, and there is an answer to that question that will absolutely shock and horrify you:

What should you know about child safety on Halloween?

My dear friends – keeping yourself safe when those children come knocking at your door is the most important thing you can possibly do this Halloween. Children are the number one source of candy theft in America on October 31st.

They use all different kinds of tactics – they play on your fear, they employ terror, and of course, they charm with their cuteness.

Do not fall for it! Keep your candy to yourself! Kids just can’t appreciate a Reese’s peanut butter cup the way adults can.

For more Halloween Q&A… you know what to do:

Will answer for candy!

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