Today’s moment of awesome.

WikiAnswers was rated as one of “four awesome instructional DIY websites” on Web Upon yesterday. Here’s an excerpt of what the post’s author had to say:

“This is a better quality version of the same forums as set by Yahoo! Answers; however, the moderation of this site tends to weed out more of the scam artists and internet thugs. I also find that Wiki Answers has slightly less traffic than Yahoo! Answers, but that traffic is of a more expert nature.”

It’s really cool to hear someone recognizing two of the major points I like to boast about WikiAnswers:

1. WikiAnswers really works hard on its moderation system; the over 400 Supervisors are volunteers from around the world, working around the clock to clean, organize and keep the site’s community running smoothly.

2. Expertise is the game! From doctors to lawyers, mechanics to teachers, WikiAnswers boasts all kinds of professionals who are dedicated to adding accurate answers to all kinds of questions.

Thanks for the recognition, Web Upon!

3 thoughts on “Today’s moment of awesome.”

  1. This is Sheral I have alot to say although I’m glad to have achieved what I have and proud to be a part of the world wide web I would love to get some new clothes shop with my children and find a home to call our own.I will be a part in my own world now.Have a nice day.


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