is seeking answers.

Everyone was talking about it yesterday, and everyone had a different take –

NYTimes: Revamps Search Engine

eWeek: Sails into Semantic Search to Differentiate from Google

Mashable: Now Actually Delivers Answers

Search Engine Land: Goes Back To 1996 With New Release

AdAge: Returns to Answers

Well, however it’s reported, the point is that the Q&A trend is growing strong.‘s new search bar boasts options like ‘web’, ‘images’, ‘news’ and… ‘lots of answers’. The Q&A search option seems to have the safety net of the Beta tag, but the truth is I think it works out pretty well. It takes your search term and scans the major Q&A sites for relevant pages.

Look up Chicago Cubs, for instance, and you get a wonderful selection from one major Q&A site that I happen to be particularly fond of… Even if it’s not a baseball team I care for.

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