Is it true that Tracy Jordan’s Werewolf Bar Mitzvah was actually based on a real person?

And now, a word from Jim on the tradition that is the werewolf Bar Mitzvah:

I hear that Tracy Jordan’s “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” was actually based on a real person. Is there any truth to that?

Many people do not know this, but in the early 1960’s in Portland, Oregon, one of the twentieth century’s least reported yet most incredible events took place.

Thirteen-year-old Michael Brewer was preparing for his Bar-Mitzvah when he was attacked by a stray pack of wolves. Portland, in those days, was a town of mostly mill workers and was also rumored to be the site of a government project that helped develop the first semiconductors to power computers. This rumor is primarily due to the sign on the huge factory that said “US Govt. Property – We are making the first semiconductors to power computers here”. In those days wolves roamed free like the buffalo did in the plains states a hundred years prior.

Michael was able to fight off the wolves, but not without a few scratches. His parents reported that he recovered pretty quickly from the scratches and felt fine until a few weeks later. The first sign that things were not all well was when Michael began to stay awake only at night, especially during full moons, and sleep most of the day.

Soon, other indicators began to be noticeable on a daily basis. He was covered in fur, his eyes went yellow, and he would always talk about a random kid recently born named Michael J. Fox. Somehow Michael Brewer was able to predict decades before its production that Michael J. Fox would star in Teen Wolf. Some say that Teen Wolf is a loose interpretation on Michael Brewer’s early life story.

Despite the physical and genetic changes, Michael went ahead with his Bar-Mitzvah, did an excellent job, and for an unknown reason shortly thereafter lost his werewolf features. Today he lives in Philadelphia teaching third grade-level Sudoku.

The story slipped into the cracks of werewolf phenomena legend and it was almost entirely forgotten until Tracy Morgan visited Portland a few years ago. Apparently, after seeing an old newspaper clipping about the famed Bar-Mitzvah he wrote the sketch for his TV show 30 Rock which has achieved a cult following.

It’s kind of a minor hobby of mine to follow Jewish werewolf related stories. If anybody has heard of any other such instances please contact me.


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