The first-ever WikiAnswers Supervisors’ Conference.

So this past Sunday was an incredible experience. It was the first-ever WikiAnswers Supervisors’ Conference, held in New York City. Supers from the United States flew in to the Big Apple for some Big Wiki craziness.

The day started off with meeting and greeting, and of course, breakfast New York style (can you say bagels!?).

After hearing a few words from Answers Corp CEO Bob Rosenschein, the feedback began. Supervisors covered all kinds of areas, including:

  • All new contributors to WikiAnswers should not go a month or so without a welcome message from someone (thanks, Hooweestik!)
  • WikiAnswers must expand its growth in countries where participation is high, like it has done for the Philippines. India is a good place to continue this trend (thanks, Doditov!)
  • Clearer process for asking questions (thanks, Dlmick!)

Supervisors also want to see more in the way of filtering, trivia games on the site, a more interactive homepage and much more. No matter where they hailed from, or which categories they supervise, each participant had so much to offer the group. It was a real treat to sit in the room and listen to the excitement and creativity.

The day was not all WikiBusiness, however. We went to dinner after a long day of idea-sharing, and then took a boat tour around Manhattan.

Bob addresses the group.

The official WikiAnswers coffee mug… Talk about enablers.

Bruce has tickets for the boat tour of NYC.

Pninab models the new WikiAnswers Superheroes t-shirt.

As one Supervisor said, the only thing missing from the conference was a little Wiquilla…

Thanks to all the participating Supervisors and employed WikiAnswers folks:

Neila222, Ksmail, An8thg, Dlmick, Myrab51, Doditov, Hooweestik, WikiRicki, Rrosenschein, Jeffs, Gilr, cfoman, Lexagon, Leahsg, Renar, Nirel, Pninab, Pickleshy, Bruce, Brave3, Zanbabe, Deb, Robin, Eliesheva

Looking forward to meeting more Supervisors at the next conference!

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