Mission: Recat winners announced!

Mission: Recategorization – the contest designed to get as many Q&A’s out of Uncategorized and into their respective categories ended last week. Turns out it was successful and thousands of recategorizations were accomplished in a week’s time.

View the first-fifth place winners and their numbers of recats!

Lord Arador was the the first place winner with 7,627 recats; did you sleep at all that week?

Second place is held by Aggie80 with 6,994 recats; not too far behind.

There were three winners for third place:HisPowr4U with 5,554 recats, Singingangel93 with 4,682 recats, and Amlove32 with 4,576 recats.

Congratulations to all the winners, who really worked hard – those numbers are impressive! Extra kudos goes to those who not only recategorized, but took extra time to place questions in the deepest appropriate subcategories.

Until next time… bask in the glory of a mission accomplished!

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