A quick comparison of WikiAnswers and Yahoo! Answers.

Social Media Marketing (SSM) Blog did a quick comparison of WikiAnswers and Yahoo! Answers, the two leading Q&A sites on the market right now.

Let’s see what their perspective was, shall we?

On Q&A format:

In Yahoo! Answers, different users can reply with answer to a question, then the asker can select the best answer for that question. In WikiAnswers there is a wiki format which allows users to provide a single answer for each question, and that single answer can be edited and improved by any user.

On contributor personalization:

Users can personalize your profile in WikiAnswers. It gives you more flexibility, such as creating a personal message board, a watch list, a personal community and a personal io page. In Yahoo! Answers, users do not have access to personal networks or other personalizations.

Continue reading the article for statistical comparisons as well. It’s a little strange that they didn’t highlight the fact that while Yahoo! Answers leads the market by a vast majority, WikiAnswers is the fastest growing Q&A site and gaining on their top competitor constantly.

3 thoughts on “A quick comparison of WikiAnswers and Yahoo! Answers.”

  1. I love your search engine, even have it as my homepage, but I feel that your blog is very stupid and I don’t understand why a search engine as good as Answers would even need a blog.

    Also, your wikipedia articles should have an autolink directly to the actual wikipedia article on the word “wikipedia”.


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