A new way to spice up your WikiAnswers experience.

So I have this new game I play when I feel like contributing to WikiAnswers but can’t commit to a certain activity.

Basically, I go to the WikiAnswers Help Center which is always accessible from the blue Tools Menu. I click on WikiAnswers Extras, the last section of the list, and the first item of the drop down menu is “Jump to a random question.”

Does your mouse have a middle click? I middle-click that first bullet and a new tab opens in my browser (I use Firefox). It’s a random question from across the entire site. I see what could be cleaned up for that Q&A:

  • Recategorize?
  • Edit the question wording/spelling?
  • Edit the answer for grammar and spelling?
  • Add an answer?
  • …and so forth…

This keeps me entertained FOREVER. Except when I’m writing these blog posts, of course. It’s a whole new level of addiction.

Go on, try it.

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