Who is your favorite person of all time?

Ever since Jim returned from his journey through Africa, he has shared with me many of his tales of wild travels and high adventures.

But, c’mon, we all know what that’s like so I thought we should share one of the highlights of his months touring Africa: his discovery of his favorite person of all time (plus, it  has something to do with chocolate). So prepare for a mouth-watering, yet friendly, WikiAnswers Wednesday:

Who is your favorite person of all time?

Mr. Chocolate is my favorite person of all time. He’s a kind, gentle old man living in Nkahta Bay, Malawi. His real name is Finlayson Nyirenda, but everyone calls him Mr. Chocolate because each night he sells chocolate bars to the tourists at one of the hostels in the town called Mayoka Village.

He got started in this enterprise several years ago on the advice of an Israeli tourist, and hasn’t looked back since. So each night he meticulously lays out his chocolate bars in a very particular order that only he knows, sits next to the table in his designated chair, and promptly dozes off. You have to nudge him when you want some chocolate for him to wake up, and he immediately does with a huge smile on his face and a nice laugh. The chocolate is not cheap, especially for local standards, but you can’t help but want to give him your money.

I highly recommend engaging him in a conversation about the area, since he has lived for 74 years, well beyond the average life expectancy in Malawi. His family is related to all the chiefs in the area, and he has been a key part in the history of the town during his lifetime.

I came to Nkhata Bay intending to stay for a couple of days, but ended up staying for two weeks in Nkhata Bay, in large part, because I couldn’t bear to leave Mr. Chocolate. His infectious smile, gentle and friendly nature, and giant purple hat have put him at the number one spot on my all time favorite people list.

~ Jim

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