Mission: Recategorization.

Do do do… do do do… do do do… do do.


Welcome to Mission: Recategorization. Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Help WikiAnswers recategorize the flood of questions that is taking over the Uncategorized category. If the level gets too high, questions may explode, contributors may drown and the little orange guys across the site will probably head for the hills!

Recategorize the Uncategorized questions into their appropriate categories and win prizes… and save lives!

Where: The comfort of your own computer screen.

When: From 12:00am (EDT) on Tuesday, August 5th, until 11:59pm (EDT) on Monday, August 11th

How: Here’s how to recategorize on WikiAnswers.

Prizes: Plenty of prizes are being given out, including Amazon cash; check them out.

Rules: Questions must be already categorized in Uncategorized to be counted and must be recategorized into appropriate an relevant categories.

Oh, and this is a great opportunity to redeem yourself if you missed out on the recent AnswerThon!

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