Warning! AnswerThon in effect!

Reported side effects of participating in the AnswerThon, as recorded by several Supervisors:

  • Numb-bum.
  • The need to change their focal distance.
  • Mush for brain with mild blindness kicking in.
  • Not being able to remember the last time you ate something that required a fork (and a bit of basic attention).
  • Having a rather large pup lick the keyboard a time or two trying to get your attention.
  • A lot of Coke-drinking.
  • The feeling your eyes are crossing.
  • Falling asleep with head on keyboard resulting in FGHJVBN being repeated for several minutes as an answer.
  • Not noticing the chickens being released from the yard and herded around and around the house by a well meaning but otherwise bored puppy. (no loss of livestock).
  • Failure to multitask and leave supper burning on the BBQ while submitting “just one more answer.”

Hey, we said it would be an intense challenge. You still have a few hours left to contribute: Get going!

Your comments are welcome!

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