Bee gone!

bumbling beeSummertime, and the livin’ is…. beesy.

Does PICNIC = BEES? Why are there always so many bees at picnics? Just today, I was lunching outdoors with a friend when a humongous furry bee-thing decided to Merengue in our marinara. After 10 terrifying minutes, we packed up the food and went inside.

So, what attracted that bee to our spaghetti?

Bees are simply attracted to picnics for the same reason humans are: food! Honey bees are attracted to sweets (hello, apple juice can!) and water (we had some of that, too). They also like tree sap (they use it to caulk up their nests to keep the ants out).

What’s bugging me is: I’d rather have my picnic and eat, too. Can you help me?

Your comments are welcome!

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