How do you change the oil and filter on a 1982 Nighthawk 750?

It’s summer, gas prices are up and you still want to take a trip. Fair enough. Today’s WikiAnswers Wednesday will address travel and the vehicles we do that in.

Or not. It’s Jim’s week, so who knows what we’ll find out.

How do you change the oil and filter on a 1982 Nighthawk750?

One thing I’ve noticed about WikiAnswers is the lack of really good info on cars and vehicles.

Last year I was driving cross state, from the western end of Delaware to the eastern end on what I call the cross-Delaware rally. For those of you who have been to Delaware, you know that this is not an easy undertaking. I recommend a JiffyLube and a 60,000 mile checkup, regardless of the actual mileage on the vehicle. Once your car is ready for the road it’s best to get a map of Delaware. Yes, I know that from the western end of Delaware you can see the ocean as well as the eastern side, but still, you shouldn’t take too few precautions. Think about the possible consequences of getting lost while doing the cross-Delaware rally.

Let’s say you get lost, and head northeast until before you know it you’re in New Jersey. Did you know that you’re now in the state with the most dense concentration of highways in the entire United States? This fact on its own is not of any particular significance until you realize that New Jersey also has more race horses than Kentucky!

With millions of horses, and nowhere for them to run in the wild since the wild has been replaced by highway systems, you have a recipe for disaster. The moment you get to New Jersey from Delaware you’ll be having to avoid hitting race horses left and right.

This issue is of particular importance because New Jersey also has the highest auto insurance rates in the United States. So, you get to New Jersey by accident, all of a sudden you’re having to dodge race horses and you drive into a Jack in the Box restaurant by accident. Nobody dies, but your car sure is a mess.

You’re in New Jersey, so all of a sudden your car insurance payments are driving you to bankruptcy. You don’t have a enough money even to get back to Delaware, so you have to get a job in the same town with that Jack in the Box. Well Jersey also has the highest cost of living in the US, so now even though you have a job you can’t afford to eat at the Jack in the Box that you ran into. Its still closed undergoing repairs from the accident, but if it was open, you couldn’t afford to eat there. One thing leads to another, and you’re on the streets and maybe in jail. Proper planning is essential!

While my answer to this question about the Nighthawk may appear to not fully answer the question – or answer it at all – I want to bring up the following point: This question has led to this answer, which with any luck, may show up on this amazing no.stupid.answers blog.

If it does, the amount of car repair and maintenance awareness that will be raised is immeasurable. In addition, so many people will understand the dangers of going to New Jersey without proper planning and realize that the cross-Delaware rally is not something to be taken lightly. The world is better because of your question. I congratulate you.

~ Jim

4 thoughts on “How do you change the oil and filter on a 1982 Nighthawk 750?”

  1. A thought provoking post for sure…and my main thought is….where the heck can I find a Jack in the Box in New Jersey? I may have left the left coast years ago…but my hankering to speak to my funny little friend at 2 am still lives on.


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