Doditov on… ticking time bombs.

Here’s more from Doditov, who we met on Monday in her Contributor corner interview. Enjoy a deeper look at what makes her tick…

What makes us tick?

Yes, we have a hands-on attitude, and yes we want to make a difference. But WHY? The elders among us are just as involved as the young people and we all share the same passion: WikiAnswers.

I got to thinking about it and for Americans, it has a lot to do with our history. For most in my age group, it was the Vietnam War. Besides the bitter consequences of that war, it was a defining moment for my generation. We discovered that if we made enough noise and were active enough, we could change the world!

For you younger folk who don’t remember Vietnam, my generation marched, sang, cried, and generally made enough noise to change public opinion about the war. We refused to fight that war (and made a bunch of new Canadians), we came home scarred, bitter, and resentful, and we were vocal!!! Because of our opposition, the course of history was changed. We discovered that we did indeed make a difference, and we were giddy with the knowledge.

There came a point when we reared families and attended to the business of continuing the economy. But somehow, by our attitude and eternal optimism, we passed a part of that spirit to our children and grandchildren.

Now we are back in a different way. We are “fixing” the mistakes that we made during those work years right here. Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, lazy speech, and plain bad manners are a part of what we do here. While we no longer make a sustained effort to actively change large pieces of society, we still have a passion to correct the little things.

While it might not be an earth-shattering effect, remember that butterfly effect? Now, even though we are no longer the fire eaters of our youth, we are still actively engaged in tikkun olam on this website. Perhaps we will fix a tiny bit of the fractures that shatter our society in this small way. I know that we are all actively engaged learning and growing and passing this along to all who visit here.

That is why I think that we are so passionate about doing things correctly as we go here. We truly desire to make things a bit better because we were here.

<crawls off soap box> I through speechifying now.

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