Onarollcarpet, the enabler, with reasons to get addicted.

Because yesterday’s interview with Onarollcarpet left you wanting more, here’s a note from the star Supervisor on the awesomosity of WikiAnswers:

When I think about WikiAnswers in a philosophical way, my brain hurts. It is like answering the question, “What is the largest number?

There is no answer, of course, because you can always add one. Is there a limit to the amount of questions that can be asked? People will be born, people will die, things will be invented and events will happen leading to more questions and answers to build and improve WikiAnswers.

That is why the concept of WikiAnswers is so amazing. It is a fluid database of knowledge that changes by the second from edits from real people who know something about something. Everybody knows a little bit about something that they want to share with others. Queen Elizabeth, onomatopoeia, dustless chalk, and bamboo flooring are all topics we can learn about on WikiAnswers. The knowledge we all have is being shared for free in a growing database that we can reference when we have a burning question that needs an answer.

How awesome is that? I forsee that WikiAnswers will save us from shelling out 20 bucks to learn how to sell on ebay and save us countless hours searching Google to find out if a crocodile can stick out its tongue. It will be a place to come to find out what the best website is to find cute kids cupcake ideas or to find out why your Ford Freestar is making a clicking noise.

I am so excited and proud to be a part of this exciting website as a Supervisor. It is a wonderful community of volunteers who cooperate and work together because they are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the world, like working with others as a community and… ok, maybe we are all just a little bit addicted to it too! But, when it comes to addictions, a WikiAnswers addiction is one of the better ones to have right?

If you don’t know about the website yet please stop by and answer or ask a question or make some spelling and grammar questions. Just remember that I warned you about the addiction potential. You might even want to eventually become a Supervisor.

If you do join the fastest growing website and community on the internet be sure to stop by my message board and say hi!

For more Supervisor wisdom, see this post by Zanbabe.

4 thoughts on “Onarollcarpet, the enabler, with reasons to get addicted.”

  1. Good question. As with any site, you need to be careful about what you believe and don’t believe. A lot of people post links to sites where you can get further information, and there is a lot of great information on the site. It is absolutely true that lots of people don’t have a clue… but it is also true that lots of people have a clue about something, no matter how small, and the site gives them a chance to share their knowledge. We have lots of experts that come to our site, offering great information about different subjects, and we have a lot of supervisors working at keeping the place cleaned up, and removing answers that are made up or mocking.


  2. I think I understand what this place is. I agree with the above…how do I know that information given is actual known information. I find a lot of people in this world really don’t have a clue.


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