How to irk a Virgo

angry at a VirgoThere are a lot of questions on WikiAnswers about Virgo, like this one. But the sixth sign of the zodiac, while a stellar topic, is not really the point of this post. Today in Tainted Love, we explore Virgos themselves. We’re here for some answers. So, folks, let’s see how we do.

Angry Virgo boy

How do I annoy thee? Let me count the ways. Ah, but this is no ordinary button-pushing. What we have here is a very special, very specific request:

What can you do to make a Virgo boy angry?

Virgos are known to be meticulous and reliable. To really irk a Virgo, try arriving late to his romantic dinner date and then telling him loudly (making a scene in the obviously sophisticated restaurant) that his tie knot is crooked. Alternatively, go to his apartment, unfold all his white undershirts, and toss them on the floor in a heap.

Online dating is not the only answer

So while you’re busy trying to make your boy angry, he’s got a totally different goal. He’s aiming for the opposite, and he desperately needs your help:

How does a Virgo boy attract a Virgo girl?

Please answer his question. If you do, he might just fall for you… and if you’re lucky, you’ll even notice 🙂

Virgo in love??

Virgos may wear love differently than the rest of us – at least, that would explain this question:

What are the signs a Virgo has fallen in love?

Perhaps Virgos aren’t as obvious (or amorous) as the other 11 signs. They’re shy (no public displays of affection) and practical (no sweeping things off desks in a moment of passion), not to mention perfectionistic, overcritical and easily worried. No wonder people can’t tell when a Virgo’s in love. And that brings us to our next question…

Silver lining!

love love love

What are the strengths of a Virgo?

That’s easy. They have a reputation for being honest. Reliable. Pure. And courteous. Among other things. And so we reach our happy and most natural ending:

What diamond is suitable for a Virgo?

Now go get your Virgo!

4 thoughts on “How to irk a Virgo”

  1. I’m a virgo sun.. d.o.b august 25, 1988
    born at 10:14 p.m at dallas, tx.. u.s.a

    My moon is in aquarius, rising in aries, and sun in virgo..

    interesting combo, huh?


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