Filipino! Filipino!

Wow! So the Filipinos must have heard my praise the other day.

All I’m going to say is…well actually, I have nothing to say. I think the Black Eyed Peas said it best…

Pinoy ka – sigaw na – sige
Kung maganda ka – sigaw na – sige
Kung buhay mo’y mahalaga – sige
Salamat sa ‘yong suporta

What does that mean in English?

You’re Filipino, shout it out c’mmon!
If you’re beautiful, shout it out , c’mmon!
If your life is valuable , c’mmon!
Thank you for your support!

Seriously, folks. Thanks for coming out and getting involved in WikiAnswers. It’s awesome seeing such Filipino love going on. I was so proud, I showed my mom how the Tagalog category was growing and then we had a whole conversation reminiscing about Sarangola ni Pepe from my childhood.

So today, it is with a great sense of pride that we announce that Tagalog is the first non-English language on WikiAnswers to reach such a huge number of questions and answers to warrant its VERY OWN top level categorization! What does that MEAN in regular terms? Well it means that just like Business and Finance is its own category and Food and Cooking is ITS own category…now Tanong sa Tagalog is its own category too. And within the Tanong sa Tagalog category, you can find separate categories for things like Literature and Language or Health…but all the questions (and most of the answers) are in Tagalog!

So, thanks for your support, Filipinos! Here’s a little Black Eyed Peas love for you…

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