Wikiholics: Mike 2 to the rescue!

If you’re looking for a dedicated WikiAnswers contributor, you really needn’t look very far.

If you’re looking for a dedicated WikiAnswers contributor with over 35 years of experience as a car mechanic, more than 10,000 contributions and a true love of WikiAnswers, you have a friend in Mike 2.

As a Supervisor of European cars and Asian automobiles, Mike 2 has a lot to say about his vast (and expanding!) WikiAnswers experience.

In fact, he’s a self-proclaimed Wikiholic. Which makes us wonder… should he really be running the Wikiholic rescue service?

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

I was looking at a question about how to enter a radio code on a Volkswagen, over on Yahoo! Answers, and someone had posted a link to WikiAnswers with the correct answer. I stayed a while, answered a few questions, and the rest, as they say, is history.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

My motivation comes from the community spirit on WikiAnswers. All the Supers try to help each other it is not a “them and us” situation. The WikiAnswers atmosphere creates it’s own motivation for users. It is a very friendly site.

What is your area of expertise?

My area of expertise is vehicle repair. I have 35 years experience as a car mechanic and breakdown recovery operator but due to arthritis I no longer turn spanners, so to offer advise on WikiAnswers makes me feel useful again. I have a wealth of data at my disposal which I am only too pleased to share with others.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

I can’t say I have a single favorite WikiAnswers feature, but I like the fact that you can edit questions and answers. I really like the recategorizing of questions. And last but not least, the Super’s Forum is very informative.

What is the funniest question/funniest experience as a Supervisor on WikiAnswers?

Check this one out, Goldenoldie sent it to me and I could not resist the answer…

Share a random fact about yourself.

My better half and I share our home with a rabbit, three cats and a dog. I’m also included in the 1997 and 1998 editions of the Guinness Book of World Records for catching the smallest recorded fish to be included at 1/5 of an ounce – the Stickleback.

Do you want to be interviewed for the Contributor corner? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work.

One thought on “Wikiholics: Mike 2 to the rescue!”

  1. It’s great having you around Mike!!

    WikiAnswers is a better place just for having you as a super!!


    P.s. That sounds like a great little fishy you caught!


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