Dear Litterbug…

Hey you! Yea, you on 35th Street who casually dropped your napkins. And you, Mr. Crush-your-can-and-leave-it-on-the-subway-guy!

Do you know what you’re actually doing?

Did you know…

Littering can get expensive!“Litter can end up in rivers and canals, polluting the water supply.”

“Paper cups and beverage cans can hold rainwater, providing breeding locations for mosquitoes – which have been known to cause disease like the West Nile Virus.”

“It is also a road hazard and can occasionally contribute to accidents.”


This is New York City, man. Manhattan, The Big Apple.
No one wants to see it littered with a bunch of garbage.

FYI – your careless act of indifference did not go unnoticed. I am silently (ok, maybe not so silently) waiting for karma (the environment’s super BFF) to do its thing.

Should you slip and fall by way of a discarded banana peel, or forget to mind the gap on the train and stub your toe… this will be natures way of saying “right back atcha”.

Does littering make you just as mad? Help out by answering these Littering questions on WikiAnswers, and let’s spread the message that it is not ok!

3 thoughts on “Dear Litterbug…”

  1. I pulled up behind another car at a stoplight a couple of months ago, and he opened his door, pulled a couple of bags full of trash off the seat beside him, and just left it there in the street, and sped off. … and then even more people do the same thing with fast food bags… in my apartment complex all the time. Instead of bringing it in to throw away with the rest of the garbage, they leave it there in the parking lot. We all have to live on this planet with you, Litterbugs! Make the extra effort to put trash where it belongs… please.


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