Popsicle meltdown

Sometimes it’s so hot that popsicles melt faster than you can lick them. Before you know it, blue juice has decorated your elbow and is racing gravity to the ground.

So why do they melt so quickly? Is there a way to stop them from melting? How about putting them back in the freezer? It turns out there is a way to slow down the speed at which ice melts, but I wouldn’t recommend trying it with something you’re planning to eat.

If popsicles are getting you down, try ice cream instead. Popsicles (and sherbet, too) have a high sugar content, and sugar melts fast. Ice cream has less sugar and more fat, so it holds together for longer (not that long, though). Here’s something to try at home:

The Awesome Ice Cream Experiment


1 chocolate ice cream cone

1 vanilla ice cream cone

1 strawberry ice cream cone

2 faithful friends who like ice cream (but not so much that they’ll eat your experiment)

bare feet


Stand in the sun with your friends, holding the three ice cream cones (no licking!). See which one melts first. Alternatively, lick the drips and whoever finishes first is the winner. When you have a champion, document your scientific discovery on WikiAnswers. Good luck!

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