Filtering your search results

Now it’s even easier to search on WikiAnswers.

Let’s say you did a search for questions about gerbils… you would get a page like this, with a little line of text at the top:

Searching for gerbils

Use this little tool to filter the results right here on the page, without doing a new search from scratch. For instance…

Limit your search to questions in the Gerbils category:

Choosing categories

A little window will pop up so you can choose which categories to search in:

Category window

Choose whether you want to see answered, unanswered or all questions:

Answered or unanswered, that is the question

Done looking at questions about gerbils in general? Time to look up something more specific. Look up “food” instead – your results will still be from the Gerbils category.

New search, same old filter

And of course, you can always click on New Search or Advanced Search to start from scratch!

New search from scratch

Happy searching!

Your comments are welcome!

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