Tuloy! Tuloy!

Kumusta ka? Ako si Shara.

Kumain ka na ba?

Confused? Yeah…that’s not English. That’s a shout out to all my Filipino peeps…out there in the land of WikiAnswers.

What up, Filipinos!? Thanks for stoppin’ by and keeping me company!

Did you know that there’s a whole WikiAnswers category for questions in Tagalog!? Yeah there is! Not only is it there…but it’s one of the fastest growing categories we’ve got. It makes me proud.

So proud. My boss came in the other day and asked how my Tagalog was…he was wondering if I wanted to help supervise and edit some of the questions that had come in recently. Unfortunately, I’m not much help; my Tagalog is pretty rusty…but I make a MEAN batch of adobo and I’ve been known to kick off my shoes for a good old fashioned tinikling every now and then.

I got curious and started checking out the questions about the Philippines…the questions that are in English so I can read them too. I found out some really interesting stuff I never knew about the place where 1/2 my roots lie.

Like what the stars on the flag represent and what the national bird is. Other things people are wondering about the Philippines:

I’m just so happy to see such great Filipino representation! So…Tuloy! Tuloy! (Come in! Come in!) We hope you’ll stay awhile!

Maraming salamat.

7 thoughts on “Tuloy! Tuloy!”

  1. Hi Shara,
    Well, what can I say? We are absolutely not left behind. I really can’t imagine that Tanong sa Tagalog will be placed in the top category. Cheers to all Filipinos!


  2. Hi Shay,
    I am excited about this website. It will help you with your Tagalog. Now you can add a 3rd language to your repertoire. Let me know how I can help. By the way, your cousin, Karlo, is planning a Phil. wedding in Oct. ’09. Hope you can join us then and pick up more on your tagalog


  3. Very nice Shay!!!
    We’re still in Seattle, but should be back home tomorrow morning.
    Mom says she’s willing to help with tagalog stuff for wikianswers.
    You and she can talk about it next week.


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