Gotta stop that licking habit.

Hooray for new things! While all you dads out there are tearing open envelopes and ripping up wrapping paper, we’re having a blast with the bubble wrap on this brand new baby:

Ask a question, any question!

The WikiAnswers Ask/Answer bar has a whole new look, same great taste. Or something… Last time I licked my monitor, it was for that new Starburst flavor, except it didn’t taste like Awesome Berry, it tasted more like LCD, which I thought was illegal, anyway.

4 thoughts on “Gotta stop that licking habit.”

  1. Just as a comment… we’re back to the old version now, and my boss here wanted to see what the big deal was with the site… so I sat with her as she asked a question about Bloody Mary (the person), which was answered quickly (thank you contributors!), but even she, a very, very intelligent woman, almost clicked the “yes this is my question” option rather than the “No, but show it to me anyway” option. That part in there seems to be difficult for people. Not sure why.


  2. I like the new look better. More streamlined. But I do think there should be a Search option in addition to Ask and Answer. I think we get a lot of bad questions on the site because people think they are just searching…


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