Does father still know best?

Gotta love meats on sticks.

With it being Father’s Day, (yup, that’s today – hurry, you might still be able to find a good gift) I decided to put dear old dad to the test. Can he dole out the collective wisdom of generations and answer questions posed by WikiAnswers users?

From cooking to relationships, I gathered a few dad-worthy questions to see just what kind of fatherly advice he could deliver: (You can do it!)

What’s the best way to break in a new baseball glove?

Secret recipe:
2 parts glove oil
3 parts mashing the mitt around
95 parts get out and Play Ball!!

What’s a good car for a new driver?

A very slow one.

Do women prefer flowers to chocolate?

You might think so, they might say so, but really, women prefer chocolate.

What’s a good excuse to get out of taking out the trash?

Their aren’t any, just do it.

What are some of the benefits of BBQing on a charcoal grill over a gas grill?

Charcoal grills are cheap
Authentic BBQ flavor
Charcoal grills are cheap
And did I mention charcoal grills are way cheaper?

Father… thy wisdom is immeasurable.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, fars, padres, vaters, pais, pères and abbas.

Thanks to for those translations. (What? You thought I spoke German?)

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