A hump of a category, that one is.

Let’s talk about camels. Why, you undoubtedly ask?

First of all, yes, Camels is a category on WikiAnswers and yes, you should definitely check it out, because if you are a zoo keeper, desert wanderer or biologist, it will just plain knock your socks off, and if you are not one of those, then it will crack you up, like so:

What do you call a camel with three humps?

A freak!

Second of all, camels totally creep me out. They always look high and they always seem to be laughing at you. “Ya, mon – you wanna ride wit me?”

Third of all, I needed an excuse to post this photo I have entitled, “The Scream II: Girl and Camel.” I won’t give away which one of them is the Answers Corp employee… yet.


4 thoughts on “A hump of a category, that one is.”

  1. Beautiful summer day… check! Camel… check! Funniest picture ever taken of an Answers employee… check, check and double check!


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