Stop pushing me, Japan!

Planning a trip to Japan? I’d highly suggest getting your questions answered first. Take a peek at the Japan category.

Also, take a peek at this video, which is reason #273 why I’m never stepping foot on a Japanese subway at rush hour (or maybe ever because there’s a chance this video was taken at 2 pm or 4 am).


I don’t know. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or never ever go to Japan. I’m so confused. It’s so cold. Mommy.

Dedicated to Bruce, who managed to make a grown blogger cry out of fear.

9 thoughts on “Stop pushing me, Japan!”

  1. Wow. That was very very scary.
    But funny, since it wasn’t happening to me.
    That brings a whole new meaning to “packed like sardines in a can.” Sheesh!


  2. I should also note that enough trains run at most stations that the problem is usually not as bad as the video, but this still is very much the case for lots of stations at peak.


  3. Old video but still very real. Rush hour at many stations around Tokyo have attendants that help pack in travelers. Not a very fun trip as you cannot move AT ALL,


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