Day of reckoning.

Big freakin alarm clock

A 24-hour time line of questions you wish you could ask out loud…

Ever thought about how many questions you ask yourself in a typical day? “Who came up with the word ‘shampoo’?” “How do you get deodorant stains off your t-shirt?” “Do blonds still have more fun?”

Well, I decided to keep track of these pearls of wisdom I wish I had for a full 24 hours (sans the hours I’m asleep – duh). And voila! A day in the life… presented via query time line

6:45 am Who invented the alarm clock? (And whyyyy?)
7:05 am Where did the term “crapper” really come from?
7:30 am Where can you buy organic shampoo at a reasonable price?
8:30 am How many people, on average, ride the NY subway system every day?
8:40 am When is it ever acceptable to pair fuschia with pink polka dots?
9:15 am How many calories are there in a medium latte?
10:00 am How do you setup auto-archive in Entourage on a Mac?
11:15 am What are some early warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome?
12:30 pm What’s healthier: cous-cous or brown rice?
1:30 pm Do they make treadmills you can put a laptop on?
1:45 pm How are some coffees instant and others not (instant)?
2:00 pm Can people tell when you give them limited access to your Facebook profile?
2:30 pm Why does your hip feel sore after sitting for a few hours?
2:35 pm How much is too much coffee in one day?
5:30 pm What did people do before cell phones?
6:00 pm Do they sell Long Island Railroad passes for multiple rides?
6:20 pm Why do more men fall asleep on the train than women?
7:30 pm How long does an average oven take to pre-heat?
7:45 pm How long is milk good after the sell by date?
8:45 pm When will the show “How I Met Your Mother” stop showing re-runs?
11:15 pm Is it better to let your computer hibernate or shut it off every night?

…So what’s your time line like?

4 thoughts on “Day of reckoning.”

  1. Keep checking! I was surprised to see just how many of them were answered in the last day or so.

    Man, have we got multifaceted readers!


  2. Fun post. Sadly, the three questions that I clicked on all had exactly 0 answers. I wonder how to channel some of this question-asking energy towards providing answers.



  3. I’m impressed that they can all be published like that. I unfortunately sit in meetings and wonder things like “When will so-and-so stop talking?” or “Can I go home now?” … There are others that *are* worthy of posting, but I find that so many more just aren’t. … And, actually, now that I think about it, I wonder if everyone sees that difference. 🙂 I have seen questions hit the site a lot, that *should* have remained in someone’s subconscious.


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