We couldn’t agree more.

Michael at Computer Weekly discusses how his blogging colleague discusses stress management; he wisely turns to WikiAnswers for guidance on intellectually well-managed stress. And the answer is?

“In other words, asking questions and trying to answer questions is the best way of intellectual stress management.”

Yeah, we tend to agree. Asking and answering questions is also a wonderful way to be productive while procrastinating. But you didn’t hear that from me…

One thought on “We couldn’t agree more.”

  1. It doesn’t even have to be while you are procrastinating. Just like coloring during meetings can bring out your creative ideas (really!), thinking about something off topic that still engages your brain can jumpstart your thought process about other things. It is sort of like the way you overcome writer’s block… you start writing something ELSE, not on topic. Get those creative things going, and when your mind comes back to center, a different area of your brain is engaged, and suddenly you aren’t stuck anymore.


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