How well do you know New York City?

I know… it’s been a while. For the past two weeks I’ve been visiting my hometown, a little place called New York City. Not familiar with it? Here are some New York City Q&A to get you started.

And, of course, it is WikiAnswers Wednesday so I will continue to share the NYC love and post relevant quickie questions. And believe me on the answers, I was just there.

What is there to do in Manhattan?

Absolutely nothing. It’s one of the lamest cities I’ve ever known.

What are the five boroughs of NYC?

The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and… what’s the fifth one again? Gracie Mansion? Times Square? Long Island?

Where is Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a state of mind.

How far is New Jersey from NYC?

Not far enough.

Your comments are welcome!

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