Call for teachers: the WikiAnswers classroom project.


In recent years the potential for computers and the internet as educational tools has grown tremendously. When I was an elementary school student, ‘computer class’ meant going once a week to play Lemonade Stand in a stuffy closet with a bunch of dusty Apple II’s and Commodores.

Twenty-plus years later, students in middle school and high school are not only computer savvy, but also benefit greatly from education using alternative tools on the internet.

I’ve begun a hunt for teachers who prefer alternative methods of learning to try out an idea brewing: a WikiAnswers classroom project, where a class can work on asking and answering questions on WikiAnswers in a topic they are studying for class (there are currently 3,073 categories and counting!). The teacher might want to seed the questions and have students work together to answer them, or the students might want to quiz each other; the possibilities are vast and I’d be happy to work with teachers to figure out ways to use WikiAnswers as an educational tool.

In fact, if there is a category you’d like to try with your students that doesn’t yet exist on WikiAnswers, we’d be happy to add it! Most categories have a Supervisor dedicated to growing them and protecting them from vandals, and would be happy to work with you.

Leave a comment if this idea appeals to you and your class.

4 thoughts on “Call for teachers: the WikiAnswers classroom project.”

  1. Dude! We played Oregon Trail! I hated it when we couldn’t forge the river because my oxen died. Or someone got dysentary…

    Good luck with the teachers’ project. It sounds awesome.


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