Word to your mother…

Mothers DayIt’s almost Mother’s Day. Word.

I like Mother’s Day because I feel like mothers are those people we all take for granted. We all have one…some of us have lost one…some of us feel like we’re stuck with one. But we all came from a mother.

Let’s all take a moment and give thanks to the woman who gave birth to us. Here…I’ll start.

Thanks, Gloria. Thanks for giving birth to me! Since we live on different continents, am I still obligated to buy you a gift??

What are other people wondering? Well, someone asked “What can you give your wife on Mother’s Day if you are broke?” Luckily, folks came to the asker’s rescue. Picnics. Homemade cards. You know the drill.

And then someone else, maybe a little bitter, asked “If you don’t like your stepmother very much what should you give her for Mother’s Day?

Other folks are still waiting for answers. Can you help any of them out?

Word to your mother, people. Word. Go ask and answer questions about Mother’s Day now.

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