Wow. Allergy season is upon us and I know that for me, this has been one of the worst hayfever seasons ever. I’ve been sneezing and itchy-eyed for what seems like months now. I should buy stock in Kleenex considering the amount of their lotion tissue I’ve used lately. I mean really…who can use tissue without lotion!? The little extra money you pay for the lotiony softness is so worth it.

I think I’m pretty lucky in the scheme of things though. Why? Well, because I’m only allergic to trees and grass…and dust…and cats. There are some people who are allergic to milk or wheat or sunshine. My life would be over if I had to stop drinking milkshakes or eating pizza or sitting on the beach. Period. I mean…I live in a beach town, folks. There are only but so many things you can request from a girl!

Anyway, back to me…and my allergies…I’ve basically learned to live with it. I just avoid cats at all costs (read “I give them evil looks when they try to come near me”) and carry tissues with me during the pollen-rich months of the Spring. It’s manageable.

Stop sneezing! Put away the dust masks! In the spirit of the season, WikiAnswers challenges you…ok I challenge you…to ask and answer questions about allergies!


Your comments are welcome!

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