We’re the cool kids…

Cool site of the dayWe’ve all wanted it. We’ve envied them from afar. We’ve secretly plotted to steal their cute clothes and their fancy cars. Everyone wants to be a cool kid. Or was that just me?

Nah…you know you wanted to be a cool kid.

Well today…WikiAnswers is the cool kid. We’ve been chosen by the folks at Cool Site of the Day to be…well…the cool site of the day!

What does it all mean? Well it means that folks out there think we’re pretty darn cool. They’ve featured a new site every single day since 1994 and today, they chose us. Thanks for the recognition, guys!

Now all of you WikiAnswers fanatics…get out there and vote for us. (That link will only work today…April 16, 2008 so hurry up and click it!)

2 thoughts on “We’re the cool kids…”

  1. no i think its best to stay out of the groups with the ‘cool’ kids in as they can sometimes end up dragging you into something you shouldnt do,by putting the force of pier pressure upon you.
    However, some really lovely people do fall into the ‘cool’ groups. So, sometimes it can be great to get into the cool groups!!


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