How do you pierce your own anti-eyebrow?

As I’ve mentioned, I am the WikiAnswers Supervisor for the colorful category of Body Piercing. This week’s question will be from that category, my favorite:

How do you pierce your own anti-eyebrow?

Now, you might be like, “what the duce is an anti-eyebrow?” and think that’s what I’m going for here. Is it some kind of inverse eyebrow? A unibrow? A rebellious teenage eyebrow?

Watch out, everyone! It’s the anti-eyebrow! Ahh! Hide your 666’s!

Well, folks: no. The anti-eyebrow is actually a type of body piercing. It’s a barbell placed between the cheek bone and eyebrow, creating a kind of teardrop look.

The stupid part of this question is the part asking about it doing it yourself. Do-it-yourself piercings are never a good idea. A professional has the right equipment and experience to get it right and get it healthy.

P.S.: Did you know that the medical term for unibrow is actually synophrys? It sounds sooo much more attractive that way, too.

One thought on “How do you pierce your own anti-eyebrow?”

  1. Well of course its never a good idea to pierce yourself! Who is going to listen to that though? I personally pierce my body A LOT. I have never gone to school for it or anything. The reason why I pierce myself, im only 17. Not old enough to get it done right. the good part though, I have never gotten an infection.

    Why would you say everything, but not how to pierce? Thats what there looking for. Thats what im looking for. Oh well, ill just have to look up facial nerves and watch out for that instead!


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