Nearing 3,000 categories on WikiAnswers.

Part of this What’s New on WikiAnswers page is the list of the latest category additions. I love skimming this list every so often because it reveals the wonderful, wacky and wild topics that WikiAnswers community members are interested in.

Currently, the homepage boasts “2,841 community-grown Q&A collections.” That number is constantly climbing, though, as evidenced by the latest additions list mentioned above.

For instance: Rats of NIMH. First of all, I loved the movie as a kid. Brilliant story. Second of all, it’s actually a category on WikiAnswers! Whether the people asking are kids, students, bookworms or nostalgic old timers like me, there is a population out there demanding answers, and here is a Q&A community giving just that.

Other new categories include Fashion Design, Yahoo Mail, Paganism, and Microsoft Word. That might be a random list, but hey, who is going to argue with curious people looking for answers?

Your comments are welcome!

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