How do you use toilet paper?

For some, the bathroom is the holiest room of the house. For others, it is most definitely not. Whichever way you lean, the fact is, the bathroom is pretty darn important. So here is one of the most important WikiAnswers Wednesday questions you will ever read:

How do you use toilet paper?

Rather than go into the – um – dirty details, I’d like to briefly explain where I got the inspiration for highlighting this question. And by briefly, I mean, I got it in… the bathroom. At the Answers Headquarters. Because it is hanging there. The question is hanging there, to be read and understood as you… well, yeah.

Don’t believe me?

How do you use toilet paper?

My favorite part about it is the commentary that someone had a thought while reading it and penciled in: “Why is this question categorized in the Health category? RECATEGORIZE!”

7 thoughts on “How do you use toilet paper?”

  1. Thank you for your intellectual insight, Craigle. Would you happen to know of a White Paper on the topic? I’d love to catch up on my academic reading.


  2. I subjected the article to fundamental holistic analysis, but it never gets to the bottom of the whole “scrunchers” and “folders” debate. Scrunching or Folding toilet tissue is one of the most basic divisions of (western) humankind, possibly the largest cause of international conflict.
    Other divisions – Wipers and Patters, and the feminist Front to Back movement are relatively minor in comparison[citation needed].
    And the issue links intimately to the crusade or jihad on wiping or washing which has ripped the Middle East apart for over 2000 years.


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