Thinking about the next AnswerThon.

The next WikiAnswers AnswerThon is in the works… The gerbils are running their wheels, churning awesome new twists and challenges.

Meanwhile, I wanted to show my dedication to the AnswerThon cause (and release some pent-up creative energy). Behold, the AnswerThon winners circle, in 3D:

AnswerThon winners circle

Ah, the things you can do with leftover chocolate pyramids…

4 thoughts on “Thinking about the next AnswerThon.”

  1. That would actually be a cool gift for the winners (plus another reason to get some chocolate at the companies expense).

    Why not make the next AnswerThon a team effort. I would love to see the Slam the Board Librarians go up against the Itamar Medical Team. Put a certain # of users on a team and combine scores under a carefully crafted team name. Might even encourage users to drag their smarter friends into becoming Wikiholics.

    One caveat would be that Aggie80=2 normal contributors 🙂


  2. hey! is that an ancient pottery collection in the background!? the chocolate container goes well with the decor…


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