The Rickrolling never ends at WikiAnswers.

Even before April Fools’ Day, a lot of bloggers were linking to WikiAnswers to help readers with the definition of getting Rickrolled. I’m going to lay it all out here, as defined on WikiAnswers, since Rickrolling has been happening in all corners of the interwebs. The following is my favorite answer of the bunch:

What does it mean to be Rickrolled?

Rickrolled is an internet phenomenon which happens when a hapless internet surfer clicks on a link with a promising headline such as, “check out this vid of hot chicks in panties!”. However, after clicking the link, you will be brought to the music video of the 80’s pop star Rick Astley performing the song “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Honestly, I didn’t know what Rickrolling was until I started realizing that it was a popular question on WikiAnswers. Cathy Adamkiewicz defined Rickroll for April Fools’, as did Ctl Alt Banana, Online Dating Insider, Soniq and The Quill and Nail.

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