What do 22% of us do every chance we get?

If I hate math so much, why do so many of my WikiAnswers Wednesday questions feature numbers?

Today is April 2nd, which is 4/2/08; half of 8 is 4 and half of 4 is 2. That’s two times I’ve halved, so that means there are two twos. Two and two is 22.

And from there we get to this series of actual answers which I have copied directly from the WikiAnswers Q&A page for your benefit. Because sometimes there is information you just have to know:

What do 22 percent of us do every chance we get?


Have sex.


Go to the Falkland Islands, where some of the most interesting wildlife on earth is found.


Stuff our faces with CHICKENS!!!!!!

…no I lied. sorry, hyperactivity. 🙂


Do the things in the privacy of our home that wouldn’t do out in society!

Quick! Step on that spider!!


Calculate what the other 19.1% will do and then do the same thing.

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