How much does a nose piercing cost in Philadelphia?

One of my various alter egos is that I’m a Supervisor on WikiAnswers for the Tattoos & Body Art category. When the questions aren’t “What does a [fill in random shape, animal or symbol] tattoo symbolize?” they can be amusing. And when they aren’t amusing, they can be… well… WikiAnswers Wednesday fodder.

How much does a nose piercing cost in Philadelphia?

While nearly 83.76% of resident Philadelphians have body piercings (locations on the body vary), there is a process more complicated than just paying money to get pierced.

It’s an involved program that requires first and foremost a 500 word essay describing the applicant’s childhood. If the applicant does not have a childhood, which happens often in Philadelphia, the applicant can describe what they would have liked in a childhood.

The next step to the process is to submit a photo of the applicant standing next to the Liberty Bell, which is deemed humorous for Philadelphians since only tourists would do something like that.

Finally, the payment: An envelope stuffed with cash (amount not specified) must be mailed directly to the grave of Benjamin Franklin. He is the tax collector and also the first Philadelphian to ever get pierced (he had three – can you guess where?).

Most Philadelphians end up bypassing this process and get pierced illegally. They will usually just toast Benny Franklin when drinking towards numbness before the piercing.

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