What’s the life expectancy after Saint Patty’s day?

What a week for WikiAnswers in the blogosphere! I’m loving the asking and answering happening on all kinds of blogs. Diversity rules and as I’ve said, WikiAnswers has got plenty of that.

With Saint Patrick’s Day on Monday, everybody – including Beer on the Brain, Pieces, Too… and Heather and Jed – gave a happy exclamation of Erin go braugh (still don’t know what it means? Get the translation here).

Some, like World Passenger 2.0, needed first to know what the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day is… but that’s ok. On the Tenure Track needed to know what all the pinching is about. I actually learned something new from Letters from the Moon -the game of hockey actually has its roots in Ireland!

But then Monday ended and so did the holiday of green beer. But bloggers moved on to other meaningful topics:

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