WikiAnswers U.S. visits are up 125%.

When we say WikiAnswers rules, we’re not kidding. Sure, Yahoo Answers is still in the lead when it comes to most-visited Q&A sites, but with a name like ‘Yahoo’ backing it, that’s not shocking. What’s shocking – or maybe not, if you’ve ever used it – is that Yahoo Answers numbers have been falling as WikiAnswers numbers rise and rise.

Hitwise came out today with its report on the subject, picked up so far by notable blogs like Mashable, Search Engine WatchThe WOMMA Word, Stephen’s Lighthouse, BizReport, IT Business Edge, Search Newz, Marketing Vox, What Little I Know,, and Web Analytics World.

The report includes that WikiAnswers’ site visits within the U.S. have increased by 125% compared to the week of June 9th 2007.

Let’s hear it for WikiAnswers, social knowledge and the wonderful Q&A community that makes it all happen!

4 thoughts on “WikiAnswers U.S. visits are up 125%.”

  1. I use both sites, and I find both sites have their problems. Yahoo answers just keeps a log of everything, whether it’s useful or not. WikiAnswers allows people to completely change an entry at will.

    But I think they’re both fine. I think Yahoo Answers is still more popular.


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